10 Days

Learn the secrets of the most successful makeup artists in the region! 

The 10 DAY MAKEUP MASTER PROGRAM is designed to provide the tools needed to start your own freelance business. 

We will teach the most beautiful bridal looks and trends preparing you for a successful career as a bridal makeup artist. 

Course Fee AED 16,000.-
2 Days

No filter needed when you join the Instaglam Makeup Masterclass! 

Learn the true art of Glam Makeup that has lead so many to fame. Cut creases, highlighting and contouring, the perfect Insta-brow, 3D lips and a pair of mind blowing lashes will become your best friends in this course.

We will teach you how to Instaglam the right way and fill you in on the Pro Makeup Artist's product secrets. You will learn how to find your best angle, crop and lighting. Learn how to use natural daylight, the famous Kardashian Lumee phone case lighting as well as professional and improvised lighting set ups.

Let us show you the latest and right way to Facetune and glam up your picture to perfection to achieve the most likes.

Course Fee AED 2,700.-
30 Days

This is an intensive, hands-on fully encompassing course designed to teach you everything you need to excel your career as a makeup artist to the highest level internationally. 

The 30 DAY MAKEUP MASTER PROGRAM covers all aspects of editorial makeup, product knowledge, hygiene, kit favorites, face shapes, skin color, understanding the color wheel, sculpting, highlighting, history of makeup & photography & fashion, trends, face charts; and most importantly develops your eye for exceptional editorial makeup.  

The course includes 3 photo shoot days with agency represented models shot by a VOGUE photographer who regularly works with Toni Malt on editorial shoots. You will receive 6 professionally retouched images which will form the basis of your future portfolio.

Course Fee AED 26,000.-
5 Days

Take your work to the next level by enroling in the 5-DAY INTENSIVE MAKEUP MASTERCLASS and learn the fine details needed for beauty editorials that will  make your work stand out and get you booked again and again on beauty shoots. Learn to develop mesmerizing beauty stories, innovate and deconstruct looks. 

This Masterclass covers all aspects of beauty editorial skills and is taught by the leading beauty editorial makeup artist Toni Malt, Chanel Beauty Ambassador and author of bestseller TRANSFORM - 1 MODEL 60 LOOKS. 

This course includes 4 days of theory & practice and a 1-day photo shoot with agency represented models shot by a photographer who regularly shoots with Toni Malt for VOGUE.  You will complete this course taking with you two beautiful retouched images to add to your portfolio.

This is your chance to be taught by the leading beauty editorial makeup artist … seek this opportunity to challenge yourself.

Course Fee AED 10,000.-

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