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Why learn from Toni Malt

Ever found yourself STARING at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar or Marie Claire covers wondering how MAKEUP can get that AMAZING?

Chances are you are already familiar with TONI MALT's WORK then.

With over a decade experience in the fashion industry she can list Chanel, Gucci, Bulgari, Cartier among her clients. She is not only a highly regarded and awarded makeup artist but also the author of the book TRANSFORM - 1 Model 60 Looks, published by Assouline, which is of course, a best-seller. This is her way of sharing knowledge with the younger generation of makeup artists and inspiring them to exceed their creative limits by emerging themselves in the creative process. Toni has now opened her highly anticipated Makeup Academy in Dubai passing on her wisdom and techniques, educating the next generation of key makeup artists. Welcome to the TONI MALT MAKEUP ACADEMY, where successful freelance makeup artists teach future generations.

Featured Courses

30 Days

You will leave this course ready to successfully work as a makeup artist! Our famed 30 DAY MAKEUP MASTER PROGRAM covers all aspects of editorial makeup, product awareness, hygiene, tools of the trade, face shapes, skin color, understanding the color wheel, highlighting, history of makeup & photography & fashion, beauty, trends, face charts; and most importantly develops your eye for exceptional editorial makeup. This is an intensive, hands-on course designed to teach you everything you need to excel your career as a makeup artist to the highest level and be able to work internationally. The course includes 2 photo shoots with agency models.

Are you a working makeup artist and want to take your career to the next level to get better jobs? Then this is the course for you! Learn the fine art of beauty makeup from leading makeup artist Toni Malt, Chanel Beauty Ambassador and Author of TRANSFORM - 1 Model 60 Looks. She will teach you her secrets, tips and tricks in this highly specialized 5-DAY INTENSIVE MAKEUP MASTERCLASS. Beauty is in the details! Learn to develop beauty stories, innovate and deconstruct looks. This course includes a one day photo shoot with a German Beauty Photographer and an agency model.

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What's New

STUDENTS SHOOT for a MAGAZINE during class

During the 30 Day Makeup Master Program our students got to shoot a Beauty Trends Story for Haya Magazine! The results are nothing short of amazing and more importantly students were able to add their first published images to their portfolio.

FIRST DAY of makeup school

The first day of your course can be nerve wrecking for new students. Good News ... nothing to be worried about! At the Toni Malt Makeup Academy we treat everyone and each other as family.


The adorable and oh so talented MAC Senior Artist Mariam Khairallah took over the Toni Malt Makeup Academy for 1 day teaching our 30 Day Makeup Master Program students Modern Arab Glam.

STUDENT PORTFOLIO SHOOT images of the 10 Day Intensive Master Program

After an intensive 10 days of training the students course ended with their Portfolio Photoshoot ... WOW! Were we impressed with their techniques, skills and creativity.

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