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TMA's Tips for Proper On-Set Etiquette

Whether you’re a makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer or producer. On-Set Etiquette is key to having a successful and pleasant shoot, here are some tips on having good set behaviour from years of industry experience.

Introduce yourself - Meet everyone in the beginning of the day, from models to assistants. Maintaining a friendly and professional environment, is key for everyone to feel comfortable and encourages an open exchange of ideas and flow of communication.

Say what is Needed - Being on set can sometimes be hectic while battling the clock, be brief and make the point you want to make in a clear and polite way.

Stay busy - Standing or sitting around will make you look confused and lazy. There’s always something to do, stay close by for urgent touch ups.

Opinions - Unless you are asked to give your opinion, there’s really no need to involve yourself without invitation. Even when asked, be sure to consider everyone's statements first before saying anything.

Don’t crowd the Photographer - You might be really curious to see what the photographer is shooting but its best not to stand around their space while they work. Just as it's best for you as a makeup artist to have you’re own working space.

Check before you post that! - Even if you are simply posting a behind the scenes photo on your Instastory. It is better to double-check with the right people if it is okay to post anything online. Even taking a picture of the photographer’s screen is considered rude if you did not ask beforehand.

Do Not Touch the Clothes – As tempting as it can be, the clothes On-Set are the Stylists responsibility and if any damage occurs they will be held accountable. It is best to work around your own station and not interfere in your piers work unless you're asked to help

Quiet on set - Finally, it always best to silence your phone during a shoot to avoid creating a distraction. Even if it is a photo shoot, silencing your phone will keep you focused on your work.

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