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Toni Malt shoots for VOGUE Italia.

Toni gets together with the team represented by her agent Things By People to shoot for VOGUE Italia. Find out what her thought process was and what products she used to create this beautiful modern minimalist look.

Testing for submission is a huge part of building your portfolio and should never stop no matter how far advanced your career is. It is important to constantly shape your portfolio in the direction that you wish to get jobs in, demonstrating skills and styles you believe your portfolio is currently missing in order to get your dream jobs.

Toni Malt is a makeup artist with a clear editorial career path, to this day she "tests" with like minded people in order to further develop and direct her portfolio.

Tests are always free of charge participation, in some cases the model may be paid by the entire team, or the studio costs and retouching may be split, it all depends what the team agrees on. It is common to submit good test shoots to magazines that may be interested in publishing them. If the team is lucky the shoot may be purchased by a magazine, however, those times are mostly over with publishing experiencing a downturn with the ever increasing power of the internet.

The shoot featured here was a test shoot initiated by the makeup & hair stylist and TMA's Freelance Makeup Artist Mentor Sofie Begtrup. She had a vision for hair through which she wanted to enhance her hair portfolio and the rest of the team put photography, styling and makeup ideas together to best support and showcase the desired hair.

Toni based her decision for ultra modern minimalist makeup on her desire to support, as opposed to distract from, the beautiful avant-garde hair styles Sofie had in mind.

The images were submitted for publication to a variety of magazines that suited the styling, photography and hair & makeup, VOGUE Italia was one of the many that confirmed their interest and was chosen by the team to publish the images. The team was thrilled to add yet another great editorial, validated by one of the best magazine titles, to their portfolio.

Photography: Mannbutte

Styling: Keanoush de Rosa

Hair: Sofie Begtrup

Makeup: Toni Malt

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