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5 Day Intensive Makeup Masterclass


October 6, 2019

Course Fee AED 10,000.- (or INR 192.988.-) (or USD 2723.-) plus 5% VAT

Course Overview

Arm yourself with the skills you need to become a skilled makeup artist ready for the global stage. Sign up for our 5-day intensive beauty and makeup courses today.

This 5-day intensive beauty makeup course is especially designed for working makeup artists who want to take their career to the next level. Learn the fine details needed for beauty makeup that will make your work stand out and get you booked again and again on shoots. Learn to develop mesmerizing beauty stories, innovate and deconstruct looks. 

This masterclass covers all aspects of beauty makeup skills and is taught by the leading beauty editorial makeup artist Toni Malt, Chanel Beauty Ambassador and author of bestseller TRANSFORM - 1 MODEL 60 LOOKS. 

The beauty makeup classes include 4 days of theory & practice and a 1-day photo shoot with agency represented models shot by a photographer who regularly shoots with Toni Malt for VOGUE.  You will complete this course taking with you at least 3 high end retouched images to add to your portfolio.

This is your chance to be taught by the leading beauty editorial makeup artist … seek this opportunity to challenge yourself.


Most exclusive fully encompassing beauty makeup course in the region.

Exclusive classes with leading makeup artist Toni Malt. 

You will be eligible to apply for the MAC PRO Card after this course, which gives you 40% discount on your MAC purchases.

Students from this course will be considered to assist MAC backstage at events.

1 day photo shoot with renowned photographer who regularly shoots for VOGUE with an agency-represented model. 

3 professionally retouched images for your portfolio. 

Classes are taught from 9am - 3pm.

Course Dates

October 2019
October 6, 2019
October 10, 2019

Course Content


This is an intensive, hands-on, 5-day Masterclass in which you will learn many of Toni’s famed skills, makeup techniques and practices that regularly get her booked on shoots for Harper’s BAZAAR and VOGUE.
The Masterclass will be held weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) from 10am - 5pm at the TONI MALT MAKEUP ACADEMY loft studio. 

Theory sessions and makeup demonstrations are held in the mornings followed by a 1-hr lunch break and 3 hours of supervised practice sessions in the  afternoon. During the practice sessions Toni will perfect your skills with you, paying meticulous attention to the details of your work and offering you one-on-one attention fine-tuning your work.

You will spend the final day of the Masterclass working on a professional agency represented model who will then be styled and shot by a renowned photographer who regularly shoots for VOGUE. Looks will be prepared by the students under Toni’s supervision, guidance and assistance. 


The demonstrations will focus on showcasing a variety of very different beauty editorial makeup looks, with a strong focus on the small details that will elevate your work from fashion to successful beauty editorial makeup.

You will progress in the following 

  •     The elevated beauty editorial eyeliner with its intricacies and details
  •     Adding interest through the use of different textures on the eye, skin and lips
  •     Go Big or Go Home eye makeup
  •     Color clashes
  •     Skin Prep as the most important step to achieve a specific skin finish
  •     Different skin textures and how to achieve them
  •     Beauty editorial eyebrow finishing techniques, bleaching, dyeing back to natural color
  •     The boldest reddest glossiest lip on the planet versus the matte lip
  •     Develop beauty editorial stories through carefully chosen makeup looks
  •     Understand beauty editorial mood boards, learn how to properly present your ideas and how to research
  •     How to develop a beauty advertorial story based on one makeup collection while maintaining a makeup story and achieving a brand identity
  •     Learn the essence of modern beauty makeup … working with minimal product to achieve greatest effect

During the photo shoot Toni will sit with you at the computer screen pointing out changes that need to be made now that the makeup is being shot under the photographer’s chosen lighting. Understanding makeup under different lighting will be a huge gain for your future career.

Course Fee AED 10,000.- (or INR 192.988.-) (or USD 2723.-) plus 5% VAT

What TMA Alumni Say

MARIA D. (Ireland) 5 Day Intensive Makeup Master Program

The best of the best. This academy is where you need to be if you want to really learn and excel as a top makeup artist. The teaching and knowledge you will learn here is priceless. You will learn first hand from Toni and her amazing team. The school has the best makeup artists and training, it also has the best quality products on the market for you to train with. It is a one of a kind academy and definitely worth attending no matter where in the world you are. Believe me you won’t regret it!

POOJA D. (India) 5 Day Intensive Makeup Masterclass

Doing my 5 Day Masterclass with Toni has been my best experience. I honestly couldn't ask for more. Toni has taught me the techniques which I can actually put to use. Anyone can teach but very few will actually teach techniques that sell. Over and above she has been sooo positive and helpful throughout. I would totally recommend Toni Malt Makeup Academy to every aspiring as well as professional Makeup Artist.

SUHANI C. (India) 30 Day Makeup Master Program

If you have a dream of being a makeup artist, then this the only place you should come to and live you dream.. Best makeup school ever. Toni Malt is the best mentor, she gave a new vision to me, she helped me understand makeup, the products and their right use. The photoshoots helped me understand how camera, lighting and photography works. Each and every question I asked was answered and Toni literally sits down with you, with her brushes in her hand and guides you patiently. No one knows fashion makeup better than Toni and I was amazed to see that she is not scared to share her personal tricks of makeup. TONI MALT ACADEMY is the school where you learn and excel and build your confidence with each passing day. And above all Toni is one of the most beautiful souls I ever had the chance to meet! I shall always cherish this 30 day program for the rest of my life!

SHANNEN A. (Ireland) 5 Day Intensive Makeup Masterclass

Over the years I’ve done several amount of makeup courses in different countries. After my 5 day intensive course with Toni I couldn’t believe how much I learnt in that small amount of time. I learnt more in 5 days than I did in 6 months of other courses. Unlike other teachers/mentors/artists Toni shared all her ‘secrets’ from the makeup industry. I loved every minute and would highly recommend.

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Every course includes at least one day of portfolio shoots with an agency represented model shot by a renowned photographer that regularly shoots with TONI MALT 😍


We teach only the most modern makeup techniques 💄 making sure your work is up to date allowing you to succeed regionally and internationally.


Your Freelance Makeup Artist Mentors 💖 will teach you the most modern approach to makeup.

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