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12 Makeup Trends to Inspire Your FOTDs in the Coming Months

A person’s choice of clothes and makeup to wear, while made with the intention of enhancing their physical appearance, is also about being able to freely express the self.

Makeup, in particular, can say a lot about how a girl is feeling. A sharp cat-eye says she feels fierce tonight. Light makeup in pastel colors could be signaling that she is in a relaxed and romantic mood. The “no-makeup makeup” look, on the other hand, tells the world that she is completely comfortable in her own skin.

Want to learn how to effectively make your Face of the Day or FOTD a sincere expression of your thoughts, identity and self-confidence? Below, we share professional makeup artists’ tips and insights on trends that can effectively inspire everyday looks that are sure to let the real “you” shine through.

Winter/Fall Trends

Winter and fall are the bundle-up seasons. People tend to be fully covered during these months to keep warm in the cold weather, which is probably why the main makeup trends for this time of year focus on the eyes.

1. Glitter and Shimmer Eye Shadow

Mario Dedivanovic, the celebrity makeup artist ambassador for Laura Mercier, thinks glitter and shimmer eyeshadows are an unstoppable trend for winter and fall. He recommends using long-lasting glitter shadows to maintain that shimmer throughout the day.

2. Nude Base with Eccentric Eyes

During the 2018-2019 Fall and Winter Fashion Weeks, top makeup artists played with clashing styles. One example of the more popular makeup looks is a bare face with loud colors on the eyes.

3. Exaggerated Cat-Eyes

Extreme cat-eyes also adorned many winter and fall makeup looks on the 2018-2019 runways. Professional artists pushed the boundaries and painted beautiful eye masks out of eyeshadows.

4. Colored Under-eye and Waterline Eyeliner

Some makeup artists took the color flip-side and filled in the under-eye and waterline of their models with bright, colorful eyeliner.

5. Colored Mascara or No Mascara

Keeping with the trend of being simple and bold, models were seen with bright colored mascara and a bare makeup look during the winter and fall runways, too. Some went the reverse route and wore no mascara but had pastel-colored eyeshadows.

Summer/Spring Trends

Bold lips and bold eyes were the staple on the 2018-2019 summer and spring runway. The latest Paris Fashion Week also showcased a lot of natural weather-inspired makeup looks. Makeup artists focused more on the skin for their summer getups.

6. Geometric Shapes

Manish Arora adorned their models’ faces with geometric shapes in an array of beautiful colors. To add this to your look, play with the shape of your cat-eye. For instance, Rochas played with geometric shapes by drawing triangle wings where winged eyeliner usually goes at the corner of the eyes.

7. Pastel Matte Eyeshadow

On Marc Jacob’s 2019 spring runways, models were seen in pastel pink matte eyeshadow. The makeup look was meant to pay homage to the ‘50s. The eyeshadow coordinated with the rest of the model’s look, which featured pastel pink hair as well.

8. Pink Lips

Pink was a dominant color during the 2018-2019 runway as designer Brandon Maxwell also featured some pink-themed looks. To go with Maxwell’s Barbie-inspired outfits, makeup artists used pink lip gloss layered over a lip liner of the same color on their models.

9. Neutral Metallic Foil-like Lips

This makeup trend was introduced by makeup artist Kabuki at the Jeremy Scott spring runway show. Kabuki’s process for creating this metallic foil-like lip was a bit complicated, so this may take some practice as well as advice from professionals.

10. Matchy-Matchy Makeup

Savage x Fenty closed out the 2019 Spring New York Fashion Week with matchy-matchy makeup on their models. For this look, you could match the eyeshadow with the color of your dress, or your lips with the color of your shoes.

11.  Makeup Inspired by Summer

Altuzarra makeup artists created sun-kissed makeup looks by using warm tones on their models. These were complemented by wind-swept hair to create a beach-girl vibe.

12. Blush-toned Makeup

Gucci Westman created princess-worthy styles for models working the Brock Collection runway with soft pink makeup hues. Makeup artists at Giorgio Armani’s runway show featured a similar aesthetic as well.

Makeup Tips From the Pros

Below are some valuable makeup tips from the professionals to help you experiment and change up your makeup game:

Study color theory. Color theory will teach you which hues go best with your particular skin tone.

Learn how to apply your eyeshadow correctly. Properly and carefully applied eyeshadow can make your eyes seem larger or smaller.

Set primer with powder. Applying primer with powder, before foundation will help your makeup last longer.

Invest in some castor oil. Castor oil helps with hair growth. You can use it to grow your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Layer your lip color. Fill in your lips with a liner, then put on your lipstick. After, use a lip brush to apply more of your lipstick. Next, blot your lips with a tissue and add a final layer of translucent powder over your lips. Layering your lip color will help it last throughout the day.

A Pretty Face for Each Day

Every new day is an opportunity to try out a new makeup style and present another version of your best self to the world. Take your cue from the makeup professionals — the trends they confidently exhibit on the runway can surely inspire your FOTDs for the months to come.

Have a great time picking out your favorite looks! And to improve your makeup skills (and perhaps even become a distinguished makeup artist in the future), sign up for professional makeup courses with a trusted name in the industry today.

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